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I have had a passion for sports and exercise since a young age. Phys-ed was always my favourite class in school and I played soccer starting at age 5. In my teenage years I played football before finding boxing at age 20.

From my first day in the boxing gym I was hooked. The gym became my second home. I competed in 29 amateur bouts and after becoming worn out from all the years of hard training required for competition I decided to focus on coaching and personal training.

Since I began training people in 2009 I have gained experience with a large variety of clients, from athletes to average Joes.

As a personal trainer I have worked with people in their 50’s who have never had an exercise routine before, people training for police fitness testing, people who are already in good shape but want an extra push, and of course plenty of people who are just looking to lose some weight and tone up.

As a boxing coach I have worked with men, women and children both recreationally and competitively. Mostly I do one on one sessions with people looking for a fun workout. I have also run kids classes, adult classes, boxing bootcamps and served as boxing coach for Muay Thai kickboxers and MMA fighters as they prepared for fights.

No matter what your goals or current fitness level, you can be sure I have the knowledge and experience to get you looking, feeling and performing your best.


Scott MacDonald

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